a little sweet, a little sour

a little sweet, a little sour

This is a really wonderful little blog. Very clean and well ordered. Cindy is another frequenter of SFReader forums. She’s always very gracious, despite that “a little sweet, a little sour” tag. I can’t recall an abrasive word or opinion from her. Check it out. I’ll keep an eye on it. Especially now that I know she paints as well as writing!


3 thoughts on “a little sweet, a little sour

  1. She is definitely a great artist and a sweet little thang. Nary a sour word ever hath she uttered. But why didn’t I get such a description? Hmmmm . . . .

  2. She has a much cuter avatar. Yours rocks, though. Love that dragon and the close up. One of my favorites. Steve Goble and Daniel Blackston have really cool one, too.
    I loathe cat avatars, especially siamese. It bugs me, too, because my immediate reaction, depite knowing the fine folks behind them, is to be really contrary and offensive to them no matter what they say.
    On another note, I would be very hesitant to call Cindy a ‘thang’ without having had a few drinks with her. Would dearly love to visit with her in some of those places she shows on her blog – mountains especially.

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