One-Minute Book Reviews

One-Minute Book Reviews

Even us ADDers can manage to sound erudite with friends like these!


2 thoughts on “One-Minute Book Reviews

  1. Thanks, David! I am hoping also to post a list of one-sentence reviews of poetry collections culled from my poetry reviews. But (and I’d bet this will come as no surprise to you) it’s so much harder to sum up a poetry collection in a sentence than a novel, especially if a poet works in a variety of forms and meters and ranges over many themes. Now if we had more collections of sonnets … Jan

  2. Ouch. Can’t imagine one-sentence reviews for poetry collections. Write them in haiku? Hiaku review? Interesting. I considered publishing my own poetry collection, but I’ve lately come to the realization of how foolish that would be. So . . . I’m peppering the world with queries and manuscripts.
    Wish me luck.

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