Question of Angels

Veronese Bonifacio, \"Michael Vanquishing the Devil\"

Where Have All Our Angels Gone?

How is it we’ve come to see demons all

around us, and yet our faith in angels

died with Nietzsche? Our guardian angels

no longer visit; we’ve grown blind on tall

tales, and myth-mongers rush in to forestall

superstition any time our angels

leave signs, footprints in the sky. What angels

would befriend souls who choose to leap their fall


from grace? Pray it isn’t so! If dark fiends

walk among us, then spirits of light must

also. Lift up our hearts, oh anti-fiends!

Kiss our souls with hope, our demons to just

ends speed. Kiss our eyes with light heaven-cleaned,

with optimism seal our minds with stardust!

David M Pitchford
28 May 2008

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