Red Love

Modigliani\'s \"Red Nude\"

Today I Love You Best in Red

Once lover to the moon alone, younger,

I wrote poems to golden shades and longed

to be Endymion. We danced in youth

and beauty as though life, time, and hunger

held no sway. We drank and sang, and we wronged

neither each other nor others, and Truth

was our gospel, covenant in verse—rhyme

ticked, clicked, licked our wounds over life and time.


Now youth grudgingly leaves us to wiser

age—as though wisdom were consolation—

and what once was firm, now time’s gravity

pulls from flight to ground. And now we miser

moments between, horde our burning passion

as though it might burn out. Naïveté

was such comfort . . . Jaded love seems sallow

contrasted to young love—though it’s shallow.


Today is all. Today, I love you best in red

and blue, in front or back, on the couch or in bed!

Forever have we loved. This moment, all is said

and done; in this moment, you seduce and we wed.

David M Pitchford
30 May 2008

Picture: “Red Nude” by Amedeo Modigliani, 1917

This is kind of an experiment. I’m working with Ottava Rima with a quatrain chaser. Does it work? What works best? Does the rhythm break down anywhere? Where?

Ardently seeking feedback. Thanks 😉


6 thoughts on “Red Love

  1. where did that moment go?
    I lament me it’s passing,
    yet tears reflect promise . . .
    drops of hope resisting hell

    Ever do I love you best in green
    in flesh and blood and dice and letters
    with wine and cheese
    proud gazes, sapphire and peridot, on marvelous sons

    Bring me back that moment, please
    I wasn’t even close to finished with it . . .

  2. are we ever really finished?
    Unable to go backward,
    how do we find the path forward
    to future moments?

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