Seaside Honeymoon

Fredrick Lord Leighton's "Flaming June"
Wine Seaside and Love and You

Perhaps a honeymoon, you and me, two

flutes and a bottle of wine. Beachfront, we

dance through this rented bungalow, the sea

swooshing, tide thrumming, moon smiling on true

love as we dance and kiss and toast our true

marriage. Hold this dream. In time, we will see

it to fruition, though it seems to be

merely a dream in these long days. We do


all we can, bide our time and struggle day

upon day to overcome hurdles high

as the surf, deep as the tide, blue as bay

pools and evening sky . . . Never question why,

but push on, trusting we will find someday

on a beach under full moon and clear sky.


David M Pitchford

10 June 2008

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Picture: “Flaming June” by Frederick Lord Leighton, 1895


2 thoughts on “Seaside Honeymoon

  1. High Tide and Low

    Beneath the full moon or new, tides wash away
    the dust of troubles found when we two turn
    back to look at yesterdays, forgetful
    of the day dreams we hold close to our hearts.
    Sounds of surf pounding echo to remind
    us that the beat of our life’s tempo moves
    as we want – dancing, strolling or drifting
    along the courses we set – no one else

    tells us how to live our lives. I hold dreams,
    share them with you when it seems you have lost
    the sparkle of evening stars from your eyes,
    look to you when my own green fades to pale
    reflections in a somewhere honeymoon
    on a beach under full moon and clear sky.

  2. This one really touched my psyche, Mother to Ra, especially how you tie the two stanza’s together with:

    “no one else tells us how to live our lives.” I just love how this feels and settles in my mind as – true freedom. Very, very nice..:)

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