Hardwired Humanity: Cyberwizard Productions


Sarah Wagner's Hardwired HumanitySarah Wagner 


This fantastic collection of short sci-fi is great entertainment. Sarah Wagner weaves humanity into each tale and vignette. In an age in which we are realizing more and more the fusion of man-machine to machine-man, Wagner reminds us of the deep human issues involved in our love affair with technology.

The storyalone , “Shadow”, excerpted on the publisher’s webpage, is worth the cover price . And yet, there’s so much more to enjoy. Her first story struck me as a more mature version of something out of a Heavy Metal movie. Her scenes are clearly enough depicted to recall numerous movies; her pacing never lags for overabundant description. It’s a quick read for those who want a quick read. For those of us who like to wade in deeper waters, there’s plenty here to start more than a few deep philosophical ponderings and discussions.  

“Shadow” is definitely the best novelette I’ve read this year.

David M Pitchford





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