Agony: sonnet on a Ligozzi painting

"Agony" by Jacopo Ligozzi

"Agony" by Jacopo Ligozzi


Gardens of Our Own Agony

“The Kingdom is within you.” And Satan
shakes his little fist within my bruised black
soul: sinner! sinner! His guilt an attack
only I inflict upon myself. Can
God hate himself for being All? Satan
sits back in his shadowed corner to crack
gallows grins of gleeful pride—yes, he’ll stack
the evidence neck-deep—cannot withstand

shadow, for he is Morning. What wise men
know, is that the shadow fears the light less
than light fears that which covers it. But, see,
we are offspring of the Divine; our sin
is separation—dwelling in darks’ garden
when we are made and dwell in ecstasy.


David M Pitchford
18 November 2008


2 thoughts on “Agony: sonnet on a Ligozzi painting

  1. This one especially spoke to me today because of something I’ve been battling within myself. Thank you for writing this. Also, good construction and use of the sonnet form.


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