Swimming through Stone

Swimming Through Stone

“The drowned cannot swim” and yet drowning comes
harder than once thought. That whiskey river
flowed deep and fast—twenty years swimming drunk
through three marriages and more affairs than
any man should curse himself with, and you
were my rock, my respite buoy and lifeline—
I tried to drown to protect you from me,
but courage failed. Living that way—dead end—
thinking you’re drowned only to find yourself
swimming through stone, heart and mind in the grave
while your stubborn soul clings to earthly life . . .
longing for death, sinking in denial
and swimming against granite grain, we strain
toward life, striving to sober up and live. 

19 October 2009
David M Pitchford


2 thoughts on “Swimming through Stone

  1. I wish I was a wonder with words and could tell you how much this poem has opened my eyes. Thank you for giving me more of an understanding how you are feeling and you’re struggling. Please just don’t give up on yourself ever, you are the only one that can fight the current, no matter how many people try to give you a life vest.

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