Moonlight Poem

Reflecting on the Moonlight

Golden glory crowns her, yet she cannot
see herself in glory, for she is the moonlight
and lingers within shadowed orchards
dancing among trees clad in seasons’ array
too often seeing more the darkness
than her own luminescence

And I, dry drunkard poet, admonish
her: remember that you are beautiful
never knowing when she might
realize that words are not empty
platitudes, but magic spells cast
at midnight to glamour the moon.

Ugly, they say, goes to the bone
but beauty, I say, shines from the spirit
to illuminate the minds and hearts of all.

14 January 2010
David M Pitchford


2 thoughts on “Moonlight Poem

  1. David this “moonlight” piece is very interestingly written…the personification of “her” the moonlight is simply beautiful. well done


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