Stockholm Syndrome

Beloved Captor

From this solitude of sin, I long to
break through to the heart of you, but keep
getting stuck in your honey. The only way
to impose your will on the world is to
cease being willful. Surrender this, then:
at the point of trap the trapper is trapped,
ownership an inescapable
dichotomy of possession. False truth.

Free me to own me. Liberty a rein
from which none rebel. Trust me or leave me
to die of freedom. Having been caged here
so long, my heart cannot fly beyond fear,
beyond that love which safety taught; unchained,
we long for that hated security.

 David M Pitchford, 10Jun2011

Not sure this is finished, so please feel free to comment. Would quite enjoy some constructive feedback. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome

  1. I love it.. I was wondering if the first line instead of “get” through, you might want to use the word “pass” through.I find it more lyrical.
    Then maybe instead of “keep” try “but find myself”

    Just my thoughts but it is lovely

  2. Thanks, Hayden, for the feedback.
    hmmm. I’m thinking you’re right about replacing “get” with something, but “pass” isn’t working for me as it seems ‘too easy’.
    While I like “but find myself”, I’m tethered to form and that would spring the rhythm. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

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