No bouquet

Apology of the Flowers

I wrote you, Liza, to apologize
for the flowers: Rose lost its ruddy blush
from envy of you. Lily was not so
pale as the cream-soft flesh of your belly;
those violets ran off to panhandle,
beggared by your nobility. I heard
you unbent Narcissus—I had to toss
him aside. Daisies spoke a name not yours, 

their voice an assault . . . I tried to save you
a blue gentian1, but Persephone used
it as a torch in some poem not written by me . . .
not written for you. The hyacinth I
plucked overpowered your perfume; flowers
pale, unsymbolic between us, Liza. 

David M Pitchford, 14Jun2011
1: See “Bavarian Gentians” by D.H. Lawrence

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