New Ambitions

1000 Poems

So yesterday I was out walking
around town thinking of whatever
came to mind. It took a while for me
to get out of a highly (deeply?) negative
headspace, me being in the redzone
on self-esteem. I tried to convince myself
of several things, but eventually it just
turned into a pondering of how many poems
I’ve written. I have lost or destroyed many.
So, instead of trying to count my poems, which
seemed a dry and tedious task of little reward,
I decided instead to begin on a journey
of a thousand poems and see whence it takes me.

Slow start so far – only a few verses today so far.
The rules are pretty simple:

  1. write 1000 poems
  2. blog one a day – whichever, doesn’t matter
  3. quality is not a consideration IN THE LEAST!
  4. this is strictly about production (like in NaNoWriMo)
  5. stay focused!!!!!!!!
  6. save EVERYTHING
  7. plan a reward/celebration

start writing . . . GO

these childish scrawls that blacken
these pages’ white purity
what’s more, in ink, they seem
errant strokes: chisel ‘gainst stone
scripture defiled by error

and I feed you all unwilling, Titivillus!
surely by now these words
have sealed for eternity
my condo in Tartarus . . .

David M Pitchford
11 Sept 2011


16 thoughts on “New Ambitions

  1. Awesome self-challenge. I should do the same, but my skill is not like yours to do it everyday and always produce something interesting. I already know you WON’T have a problem doing something with quality everyday. I’ll be reading everything! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Scott.
      I’m surprised and delighted so far. It took a lot LOT of questionable to mediocre to just plain bad poetry to get me to this skill level. Practice is very important. And once you find the flow and keep it going, it becomes more natural. Sometimes even reflex. That was part of the reason for the challenge: I was feeling kind of stagnant and out of the flow.
      Be true to your muse and you.

  2. As you will see I have commented in some of your other posts as well. Well, this idea of yours really does enthuse me to write without thinking…would definitely try my best!

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