Sunday Go to Meetin

driving through this rainy morning Sunday
you in your puritan dress and humming hymns
and me trying to remember when last I went
to service, to the gathering of the faithful, when
last I broke bread with the brethren and
feasted on the flesh of a two-thousand year dead
savior, heard the word beat into the pulpit straight
into my mind and soul, thew and bone, had guilt
rained down on me like hail and brimstone . . .
Now, you reach over and remind me that Jesus
loves me, that I am His lamb, that we are chosen,
and I smile knowing that I shall take you to the gates
of the church, escort you to the door, and walk down
a more familiar road to grab a beer and praise the sky
for raining after a long, dry summer . . .

David M Pitchford
18 Sept 2011


One thought on “Sunday Go to Meetin

  1. As an ordained minister who recently took a leave of absence I can identify strongly with both of these perspectives. I have experienced the benefit of a community of faith. I have also stood at the door and walked away after feeling judged and misunderstood. Your words strike a very deep part of me and beg questions I asked of church for years. Thank you for sharing. I declined church today as well, although I intended to go. I did not think I could stomach the experience this time

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