The Road to Faithless

I am not a sin, I am a woman,
she said to me, of bone and blood and flesh;
the needs of a woman beat here in this breast,
she told me. touch me, she said. love me, she plead.
hold me from the darkness, protect me from
the light, she admonished. come to me, love,
she whispered, kiss my mouth, kiss with passion
my every part; entwine your limbs with mine.

long years I watched her grow, watched her mature,
witnessed her age and stood beside her, heart
faithful every breath . . . yet in her heart shadows
held her back from giving all, her finger
pointing at me: betrayer, you are, you will;
and trust’s dearth, I learned falsehood in the end.

David M Pitchford
29 Sept 2011


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