Souvenirs of You

home from work, I wander room to room; where
did you go? your shadow casts memories
across wallpaper, the cups in the sink,
there is laundry in the dryer, a mix
of yours and mine (thank you) they are scented
to betray your fragrance, but you have left
your night clothes here, worn, still smelling of us
among the bedclothes, keys to memory,
key to mystery: where have you gone? We
were magnificent together; have you gone
so our spring is eternal in memory?
and left these souvenirs: a cup half full,
your coffee from this morning, and clothes
still damp in the dryer, and your shadow.

David M Pitchford
30 Sept 2011


5 thoughts on “Souvenirs of You

  1. Thanks, Ina. I’m glad you like. Never quite sure how someone will react. To me, this is kind of like impromptu jazz when you just kind of sit in and start riffing on what others are doing. And once in awhile you tend to find someone who’s not into sharing stage time. SO it’s always terrific when everyone has fun with it.

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