Yellow Brick Road

enlightenment’s first step, that elusive
first cobblestone in the yellow brick road,
is the alchemy of lead to gold, that is,
the transformation of fear to wonder,
transmogrification of dark to light.
mysterious as this path is and seems,
it is no magic but the simple birth
of faith and its application to mind,
life, and experience; it is the growth
from childish frameworks of belief to more
innocent yet wiser frameworks of light.
transform fear into wonder, and light conquers
shadow, burns away illusion as sun
burns away morning’s fog to reveal life.

David M Pitchford


2 thoughts on “Yellow Brick Road

  1. Hi David, this yellow brick road, like they have them in Oz, has a cobblestone that I never knew before, I love this poem. You always make these poems very fluent and mysterious!

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