Fifteen on a Rainy Night

it was raining. I went walking. you were there,
frolicking beneath your rainbow umbrella,
and both of us soaked to the knees, no puddle
safe from our romping as I walked you through
slick black streets under the yellow and blue
streetlight haze, skipping down the lane, laughter
echoing from the brick walls of downtown.
I got you to your door and you looked at me,
and I at you and I came up that last step,
lips warming for a wet taste or your lips—
and right then your dad throwing the door wide
and asking what-in-the-hell, then laughing
as he shooed us inside for your mother’s
cider, a cozy moment to shed the chill.

David M Pitchford
12 October 2011


4 thoughts on “Fifteen on a Rainy Night

  1. 🙂 that part where the father almost ruins the evening, I like this style of yours and the rhythm it has. This poem brought me back a few years in time! Rotten weather and feeling fantastic!

    • the best thing about youth is that we outgrow it
      the worst thing about being and adult is that we’ve outgrown youth
      but this is mitigated by the fact that we can recall the best moments while simultaneously ignoring/forgetting the worst of it,
      and it’s the wisdom of age that facilitates this.
      thanks for your support.

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