The Night I Met Isis

so we’re sitting at the bar down at erl’s
tavern on sixth street south, and I comment
on this tat she has—some strange symbol just
above the low cut of her blouse—something
left over from a misspent youth, or just
something vaguely threatening to spike guys’
interest? I’m more into girls with fairies
and angels, never was much into goth. . .
egyptian, she says, not goth. a cartouche
symbolizing isis, goddess of nature
and magic . . . she goes on speaking of it,
but I’m caught up in the idea ofisis
married to her brother osiris, and
suddenly I’ve lost all my appetites.

David M Pitchford
13 Oct 2011


2 thoughts on “The Night I Met Isis

  1. 🙂 Of Isis married to her brother Osiris, in mythology incest seemt ot be common!
    I am trying to catch up, you wrote a lot of beautiful poems again!

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