Campfire Party

late that night someone called the cops, twenty
grown adults ran for the wood just behind
the house, ten yards from the bonfire, and I
was the one left to answer to deputy
don about the noise—ozzie was on his
crazy train when the cruiser cruised up, but
bon jovi had been the impetus for
the call—and all I could say was kegger!

once it was all sorted out, we turned down
kelly’s car stereo and I collected
all the clutter, though we were tapping beer—
mick ultra—into actual glasses
to be green and responsible, just a score
of adults past the bar scene having fun.

David M Pitchford
21 Oct 2011


One thought on “Campfire Party

  1. Hey I really like your stuff, the way you mess about with the structure of it is really effective 🙂 i’ve only just started out on here, but cehck out my stuffs if you get a chance x

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