how can you know your limits before you’re
called on to make the hard decisions? life
and philosophy are very different, the one
being concrete and the other abstract.
and yet it seems our minds are hardwired
to mull abstractions, to imagine what
dangers may await around each shadowed
corner. perhaps it’s necessary for
survival, or was at some point in human
evolution. whatever the matter,
most of us have some conjecture as to
what behavior we would exhibit in,
say, a circumstance of life or sacrifice
to save the life of friend or stranger.

David M Pitchford
24 Oct 2011

2 thoughts on “Hypothetical

  1. This makes a lot of sense, I love it. Hypothetically speaking we can behave any way we choose, but we don’t always get away with hypothetical.

    • yes. very true. there is also the gap between a decision made on theory and then the decision made in practice. We often, under duress, react from habit rather than by deliberate response. Thus we seem by our actions at times to betray our own beliefs and/or philosophies. It’ just the nature of the beast, and we are at some level beasts.

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