War Stories #47

maybe two weeks after donna’s funeral,
julie looked me up, dragged me from a meeting
to share some bad news. she had contracted
h.i.v. from somewhere, unsure whether
from a john or from a dirty needle.
either way, it was not to worry me,
as I had never shared her or her spikes.
but then she had to tell me that somehow
that gang from saint louis had gotten our
names and were on the hunt for all of us.
a banger I knew from meetings confirmed
this, and said I could buy my way free of it
for the right price . . . that’s what got me downstate,
and, by God, somehow it’s all for the good.

David M Pitchford
24 Oct 2011


2 thoughts on “War Stories #47

  1. The more I read your War Stories, the more I hope you are doing alright now and not into trouble. They are all a great read! A book?

    • potentinally a book, yes. I currently have 61, so perhaps 80 will suffice for a collection/book. (?)
      these stories are not factual, and most that are close to factual are not firsthand from my direct experience.
      I’m staying out of trouble currently. Thanks. Though today I could use something for back spasms and other maladies.

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