All This Poetry

all this poetry   .   .   .   it’s just a consolation
for something lost, something absent, missing
some intangible it which life in its abundant
glory fails to furnish   .   .   .   and yet, perhaps
this is the purpose of life itself, to fill some
void abhorred by nature   .   .   .   all that poetry
can do is observe and sing it to witness
among the fiery vaults of the universe.

all this poetry is but a sweet diversion
from that missing it, that don’t-know-what life
hides from us so that we must continue
searching, turning over stones, listening
to every conch for elusive ocean,
gazing skyward for constellations of truth.

David M Pitchford
31 Oct 2011

One thought on “All This Poetry

  1. This poem hits something in me. Always searching. All this poetry, is it a diversion or a way of putting this search into words?

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