That Lovely Lady with Cats

I dated this very fine lady once,
months slipping into years ago now, but
memory still vivid despite the time
we spent together   .   .   .   only a few nights
and days, and a daytrip up to     chicago;
lovely as she looked, lovely as she was,
no more nights in her arms, her house beyond
that night her three cats crawled into bed with us,
and I awoke at four a.m. asthmatic,
allergic eyes swollen shut and oozing . . .
so sweet she was sending me off in the
screaming ambulance, mask stuck to my face,
oxygen sucking through a narrow tube,
and I don’t know who was more embarrassed . . .

David M Pitchford
6 Nov 2011


2 thoughts on “That Lovely Lady with Cats

  1. Oh dear. That sounds like a serious attack!
    I once had a boyfriend or lover, not sure what he was, who was allergic and my cats slept in the bed too. I did try to keep them out. His eyes would be swollen too but he said it didn’t matter, at-choo!

    • It can be a terribly inconvenient allergy. But once the episode is past, I usually have a sense of humor about it. Somehow I keep thinking affection is somehow going to neutralize a force of nature. I tried taking an antihistimine last time I visited a friend with cats, and the two days following I was plagued with asthma and allergies severe as any flu I’ve had.

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