Two Bobbys Hit the Road

I remember four years old, the farm road
behind our country house,     me and bobby,
the other bobby, eight months older, mom’s
new stepson—the one I taught to speak real
language instead of baby language—he
and I decided we had had quite enough
of the world of screaming adults and barking
dogs and five kids tripping over each other;
it was time to hit the road—out to where
some well-intentioned soul had, back there in
the woods, begun a log cabin.          bobby
and me we set out with each a carpet bag
but thirty yards down the lane wafted that
aroma of fresh brownies to draw us home.

David M Pitchford
6 Nov 2011


One thought on “Two Bobbys Hit the Road

  1. This is so sweet, and a bit bitter perhaps, walking away from home. I tried once when I was about that age and didn’t make it till the end of the street 🙂

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