Bald Eagles Don’t Blush

this image of the eagles down at our
river keeps recurring.     this bald eagle
dives lazily, riding gravity, over
the water, skimming just over its top,
and then shoots out its talons to grasp a fish
but something goes awry and the fish flops
several yards across the river surface.
unconcerned, the eagle loops back into
the gloaming sky to make a second pass;
this time his success is certain, he curls
westward toward the bank and a tall elm, where
he proceeds to feast on fish unperturbed.
would I, I wonder, have looped back around,
or would I fall to the water abashed.

David M Pitchford


4 thoughts on “Bald Eagles Don’t Blush

    • yes he does. I saw him the next day close to sunset, and he caught a fish nearly twice as big and had to take it to the shore because it was too big for him to heft into the trees. he could barely get half a meter off the water.
      don’t we all like to show off when we can?
      isn’t that somewhat the purpose of a blog?
      not that I mean to show off . . . but I do tend to blush if I think I goof – so in truth I am no eagle. but in dreams I fly as gracefully!
      Have a fantastic and poetically charged weekend,

      • I am trying to imagine that sight, you flying gracefully 🙂
        Yes, maybe blogs are a form of vanity, but then it is also nice to be creative.
        Thank you, you have a very nice weekend too! 🙂

  1. Vanity, to me, is when sharing gets to be more about self-gratification and less about the generosity of self and the product of self. I don’t know. I’m not worried about it really. I’m no moralist, and I would rather talk pathology than transgression.

    Perhaps vanity is where it becomes more about the artist and less about the art?
    something to think about. or not.

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