American Parable

a baffled king on his bicycle rides
through suburbs singing his alleluia
to milling plebes, who drop their rakes, pitchforks,
spades, and shovels to cry the king mercy
god save the king and once he’s past they turn
again to work and shoulder each his own
wheel . . . and in the market the king with his
harp and his alleluia is grappled,
staked, stoned as holy sacrifice to god
almighty commerce—his robes, the splinters
from his stake auctioned to highest bidders
and a widow in the temple court spends
her final penny to honor his sweet
name among those praying for rich favors

David M Pitchford
15 Nov 2011


2 thoughts on “American Parable

    • thanks. I really liked this hot off the press. later, though, I thought it might be a bit abstract and suffer for it. I was thinking of the whole Occupy thing and related eco-political mess and listening to Leonard Cohen. it felt prophetic in the writing . . .

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