In Town for the Holidays

timmy called:     he’s in town now to visit
his folks for thanksgiving.            yella’s tonight?
he asks.          like there’s anywhere else to be.
what,   you don’t want to fish in november?
pansy-ass;      what, did the city soft ya up?
eagles don’t fly at night,      he laughs.           this used
to be an inside joke,   but now has lost
its meaning,   and I can’t figure it out.

candi’s eighty miles north in a little
nowhere burg with three kids abandoned all
by some dirtbag con name of dirk.           she and
timmy used to be the hottest item.
on the phone,   she shrieks delight:     yeah, baby!
I’ll be there,     and I’ll bring all the red paint!

David M Pitchford
18 Nov 2011


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