The End of Love’s Beginning

yes I want to pour the entirety of me
into her, through her ears, into her eyes, her skin
on mine, hands reading me in braille, mapping to her
memory my evolution as together
old we grow, process of a lifetime’s poetry
word, deed, thought, touch and beauty shared between
two over and through a million moments kindled
in mutual interest, passion and fire, knowledge
binding in the soft slavery of permanent

preference always to be in each other’s presence
but for moments she her solitary pursuits
enjoys, and I my solo ventures pursue . . . rockers
on the porch some long from now afternoon, old dog
of my resemblance watching our quiet sunset.

David M Pitchford
27 Nov 2011


2 thoughts on “The End of Love’s Beginning

  1. “soft slavery of permanent” I like it. I would make a few minor changes, but I like your style. Very post-modern with a little splash of romantic. One of my creative writing professors would tell me “show not tell”…. there are a few instances where you are telling us what you are experiencing, instead of showing us what you are feeling and letting us, the reader, experience it as well. Over all very nice. If you would like any feedback/editing or just another poet’s viewpoint, send me a message. I love the process of molding letters to words to spawn emotion. Get back at me, and check out some of my poetry on my blog, I’d like some of your advice. -Mike

    • Thanks Mike.
      I don’t see where show-not-tell applies to this poem, but I’ll consider in more depth later. I’m in a writing headspace now, not in a mincing headspace. That comes after November is over. To everything its season yada yada . . .
      Drop in any time. I’m happy to give solicited advice; specificity is always the key to good advice. That and applicability, of course 😉

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