Once the Smoke Clears

there are very few mistakes in life can’t
be corrected, she said, if you got the
wherewithal, the chutzpa, the fortitude—
whatever strength of character or depth
of moral awareness or what-have-you.
mostly, it’s a matter of decision,
she said.          really, that’s the trial’s hardest
step is just deciding to get back up,
dust off the grime of failure, and give it
another best shot.          it’s those mistakes that
end in death you can’t correct—actual
death, death of trust, death of relationship,
death of innocence.          but those that don’t end
in death, make life a sweeter adventure.

David M Pitchford
2 Dec 2011


One thought on “Once the Smoke Clears

  1. just weird spam I deleted from this, but thought to share (sans link) for comic effect:
    Seriously? I’d rather eat some *gulrotkake uten egg og melk* instead of this. I know you can do better

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