I keep grasping at the words, these visions;
today they have taken me to                egypt
inside chicago’s art institute,      off
to  moscow  to discover some new to me
painter,   anna vinogradova,   who paints
what my canvas tells me I will never
and yet my heart commands paint paint paint, push
the brush, the trowel, the knife, dig in your
fingers and spread the colors!        words take me
there and beyond, into oddly beautiful
people first and secondhand   —   because words
are magic portals through which we travel
from sign to, not the thing itself, but the
experience of the thing, vicarious.

David M Pitchford
3 Dec 2011


2 thoughts on “Vicarious

  1. 🙂 I love this, words, depending on the order they are written in, can make us go places without us ever being there, feeling other persons feelings that are ours as well, and lead us beyond their meaning. Words are great little fragments of our mind 🙂

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