God Nature’s Law

Nature’s law faults not indiscretion, law
deals with cause and effect—fault and blame
are human misunderstandings. God’s
justice deals in consequence, in stone
tablets and eternal precepts, hence
judgement passed executes at once.
Under Nature’s purview, we at once
trespass, immediately feel law
rebuke with consequent action, hence
we learn her statutes—or dumbly blame
invisible forces, or that stone
indifference of Nature and pray God’s
intervention—else turn to gods
engraved in metal, believed at once
to inhabit heaven and carved stone.
So perverse is superstitions’ law
that some would burn their children and blame
spirits of air and wood: wood, hence fire
burns our sacrificial offings, hence
guilt reflects from us unto our gods;
who immortal charges can lay blame?
Ludicrous to think today’s world once
and ever shelters ignorant laws
for which bloody hands take bloody stone
to snuff out life with bitter hearts of stone
cite ancient scrolls: it is written, hence
we beholden to such sacred law
slay these evil ones before our God’s
eyes, that He may see our faith at once
and know that we are His. So we blame
our faith and stand our ground, or else blame
the ground and hold our faith like sacred stone
before us, to turn away at once
those profane differences—Get thee hence!
scream myriad voices to dark gods
who challenge what we hold to be Law:
What if heaven were to blame—Get thee hence!
prove once and all the stone truth of God’s
love, and put us under Nature’s law.

David M Pitchford


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