Afternoon Nap

was it vision or a dream?

that dancing clown
     clad in plaid
          painted pajamas
her smile awry
               floppy shoes mired
cotton candy swamp
                   and the elephant crooning
                                 about all the people
                                         living life as one
                no god, no church, no reason
                to war

sharing all the things
                       life in its
                yet everyone a shoulder
                                   to lean on
compassion loaded 
                          in every cannon
                                            missiles that carry
relief to the flooded plains
                        dry scrubs for the mudslide victims
                                                       and a little man
                                            with rounded spectacles
                                                  grinning like a yogi
                                               peace pipe in his hand
                                                 and all the sky open
                                                in his splendid mind

David M Pitchford
8 Dec 2011


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