Scene in Coltrane, Heard in Blue

mmm, the sax says it better, baby, says
what my mumbling lips articulate blue
and chill while the true red beat of it swings—
fairly undulates in your iconic hips
syncopated to the rhythms of my heart
asynchronous to the sway sweltering swell
of melody and your rhythm line moves
me to unmoving silent, lips moving
to some sly scat do-da-dee-da-day baby
my lips would look so good on yours, my skin
on your skin on satin sheets after hot
bath filled with floating rose petals soft as your
cheeks and still somehow I see it all strobed
in monochrome with a touch of red-hot blue.

David M Pitchford
11 Dec 2011


One thought on “Scene in Coltrane, Heard in Blue

  1. “asynchronous to the sway sweltering swell” Wow! Don’t think I’d dare, but you do, as you always do, and the result sizzles and sets the feet moving to a sax that blows into the midnight of forever.

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