mama’s on a tirade today.          details
never matter, she’s just a disgruntled
bitch barking at passing trains or autos
or the moon or last summer’s pesky fleas   —
it’s something inside that just has to have
expression, to spew itself out in life’s
opera so that she can be the center
of attention, and it matters nothing
that said attention holds no kind, gentle
affection but instead is the umbrage
and defensiveness of those offended
by the indecency of decency
self interested and conscious only of self.

David M Pitchford
13 Jan 2012


2 thoughts on “Indignant

    • I have not been to Alaska. I would like to go some time while I am still young and healthy enough to enjoy it. It’s a big place, so I’m sure I can avoid bumping into certain politicos with whom I don’t care to keep company.
      Have a super weekend!

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