A Woman in Full

she calls from the road: family drama,
a continuation of previous
emergent circumstance. she won’t be ruled
by it, though   —   it’s in her voice as well as
in her words, not brave so much as defiant;
happiness itself may be a tenuous
thing, but her grip remains sure, firm in its
resolve though she early came to the wisdom
that control is as chimerical in
nature as is a vacuum.          he sees her
strength as a beauty forged in brilliance, verse
baptized in experience guided by
keen intelligence, sharp and unbeguiled
through cultivating her humanity.

David M Pitchford
22 Jan 2012


One thought on “A Woman in Full

  1. I am overwhelmed by your insticts. The things you see, my god. The fact that you wrote this piece at all says much about how beautiful a soul you are, David…thank you for this.

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