Blue Hills Troll

Practicality beat the puddin out of
idealism: not by choice we cruised those
duly ridiculed lanes of a not-so-local
WalMart in search of sundries and chanced upon
that most loathsome of trolls, the Blue Hills mother
of five—sturdy as an oak, sloppy as
a white trash yard beside the double-wide!

“. . . ain’t gonna buy you no bet-ah fish! We
already got two dogs and a kate in
the house, and that dang critter i’the shed
whuther it’s a possum nor a skunk cain’t tell;
and you cain’t even feed them-all, how you
‘xpect ta feed some Chi-anese fightin fish . . .”
Sometimes convenient just isn’t worth it.

David M Pitchford
11 Feb 2012

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