Many the Roads

I’ve been trying to write our love poem
all my life,   I confess.           many the roads,
many the deadends and restarts,   mistakes
paved this highway in shards of broken hearts
and shattered dreams;     but what lover worth love
quits or concedes the fight even though this
world clubs senseless the tender heart  . . . today
may see a bloody sunset and midnight
bring the bitter dregs of lonesome defeat,

yet the sun shall rise another day as long
as the heart lurches its beat.           oh,   such roads
my love,   such deep forests we both have tread
to reach this sun-blessed valley   —   yet we know
here,   too,   there shall be storms and sorrows.

David M Pitchford
27 March 2012

3 thoughts on “Many the Roads

  1. Very nice. Nothing spells endurance for the long haul as does love. Funny, my writing that last sentence made a mental connection between a truck driver with his wife at home and The Odyssey … don’t think I’ll use it..though it could prove quite interesting with modern day sirens, cyclops, Circe, etc.. 😉

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