Gazing Skyward in a Midwest River Town

gazing skyward on my southbound hike,   my eyes
pick out a mob of something in the blue-
white wash of sunburned sky — not quite a flock,
this mob seems dissolute,   milling confused
a thousand feet up and drifting toward the sun
as though flotsam caught in a swirl of strange
gravity.          silver and gold glints spark off
wings; could they be gulls?     but,   no,   not gulls,   too

aimless and elevated,     and now gone
against the sun’s blinding judgement,   and now
befuddled I half convince myself these
were no fowl but angels lounging for laughs
above this sleepy river town nondescript
next to sodom,   gomorrah,   tyre and sidon  . . .

David M Pitchford
28 March 2012


One thought on “Gazing Skyward in a Midwest River Town

  1. I like this – very visual and understated. I like the half-rhyme with ‘glints’ and ‘wings’, the structure helps visualise a swirling mass of birds because the rhyme is within a line, unexpected – like when a swarm changes direction. Nice!

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