We’d Better Wait Another Week, Love

o deferred dream!     how you torture me;   time
entraps me despite all my resolve to dwell
within the moment   .  .  .   o Love,   o grand dream,
o feminine other,   complement mine,
my longing has dimmed for you not a whit,
yet by test and test and resolve,     patience
has grown.          what is a week in the long view?
and yet an hour in angry silence unmans,
whereas a day filled with words kind between
tempers belief that,   as with hell,   paradise
exists here betwixt us,   present as much
in this world as reputed to be in the next  . . .
o deferred dream! what sweet anticipation,
what hope dawns in your long tardy twilight!

David M Pitchford
28 March 2012


4 thoughts on “We’d Better Wait Another Week, Love

  1. You’re Langston Hughes, reincarnated as a hopeless romantic. How perfectly beautiful, so marvelously expressed, and joyously reciprocated.

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