my fingernails need trimmed
I need a shower
the coffee is gone
it’s cold and cloudy outside
my hands are freezing
my back hurts
my hips ache
only my cynical hat fits today
my rainbow went on vacation
vocabulary in the caribbean
none of my images is clear
(is or are? my numerical verbs are so confused!)
my tummy is queasy
I never got to own seamonkeys
my beard hurts (thanks Zack G!)
there’s nothing good on TV
it’s Sunday and I’m a heretic
the coffee is gone — oh, I said that already
I’m too redundant, then
this all sucks and I’m to blame
for everything – even romney’s seamus – somehow
I voted for Obama and will again!
all this political bullshit has me dick-in-the-dirt
America still the beautiful
but she has black spots in her heart
and they mostly reek of fat rich white men
the ghost is not so holy
nor is the sanitized word of god
as spoken by a committee
with worldly agenda
I didn’t go to church this year
even on easter or christmas
but I strolled through a yellow wood
there are briars on this path
less taken yet much mistaken
it’s too early in the day for bourbon
vinnie, my lover’s dog, thinks he is owed a walk
we can’t find his ball for fetch
my wrists ache from my neck down
there’s a war on women
I’m sleeping with the enemy
it’s a cozy arrangement
pink slime scares me into veganism
my words are minced; I prefer them cubed . . .

David M Pitchford
22 April 2012



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