ottenheim abbey

there’s a haunting up at ottenheim abbey:
about a century ago, seems the
parish priest — protestant, but not sure which
sect — he was having a hush-hush, not so
kosher liaison with kal stonecypher’s
wife elspa viney (back forty row f,
section six in the parish cemetery,
got a six-foot marble angel over-
lookin her) anyway, this new yorker
priest been down here about twelve years before
they took to him and it was two years after
that on easter sunday father trudeaux
was up there at the altar and old kal
burst in with a shotgun and sent him to jesus.

now dark nights when it feels like easter, they
say the ghosts of elspa viney and her
lover — not father trudeaux, by the way,
but the groundskeeper omega “finney”
crawford — can be seen as eerie glowing
figures in the old ottenheim parish
cemetery dancing and bobbing along
between the headstones and monuments

they say sightings are a sign of luck, but
it’s a kind of omen depending . . . because
just about anything of note that happens
around ottenheim takes place jammed between
sightings — especially when it comes to
teenage girls, cheatin’ wives, and shotgun weddings.

david m pitchford
7 May 2012


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