loony larry at the yella dove

loony larry,   he was an interesting
fellow.          back in twenty-o-nine he used
to come into yella’s and buy rounds;   he
always seemed to think he owned the world, and
hunting for gullible girls to seduce,
take home   .  .  .   but after a week or two,   up
the scales from mildly creepy to ballsout
scary   —   and gods forbid he ran out of money   —
he would just up and disappear awhile.
phyllis kenney works out to the nut farm
and though she’s close-mouthed about it, one night
she got blitzed out and told us all about
larry and schizophrenia mixed with
bipolar   —   I stick with my bourbon straight.

david m pitchford
11 May 2012


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