quatorzain 588

again the rains, again the shoot of grass
growing beyond the landlord’s taste for good
scaping,   so he’s strafing us once again
on his nine-billion decibel tractor
of yard manicuring.          its growl menaces
through the open windows from this to that
end of the house as he makes his rounds.          we
try to discuss fine points of poetry,
and you ask a synonym for resplendent,
but the horrid noise of our besiegement
that dragon of grassy decimation
assaults our senses with the smell of grass
and internal combustion,   the bass growl
of twenty-four horses and the itch to move.

david m pitchford
21 May 2012


One thought on “quatorzain 588

  1. Hi David. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking a few of my recent posts! I can see you are a very talented and interesting poet! I will be back to investigate your work.

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