their love was the usual story

he recalled he had spilled a lot of ink
over her and their nine years together
she had broken him of his poetry
habit,     and he in reciprocity
sent her to rehab and other professional
helps          their parting was filled with all the norms,
usual and customary upheavals
when good sentiments sour over seasons
filled with stress unrelieved and abandoned
issues unresolved,   ignored,   pickled in
ninety proof denial and swept under
carpets woven of metaphor and scotch-
guarded in teflon rationalization
no ray of introspection could penetrate.

David M Pitchford
14 June 2012


4 thoughts on “their love was the usual story

  1. David, this one really resonates for me. It’s so good to see your writings. I think I’m back from my long hiatus and will be dropping in again to reconnect and do catch up:-)

  2. I have been reading all of your poems, I just found your blog, and I love all of them, which is something that rarely happens for me, and I was wondering if you’d read some of my work and tell me what you think? The best critiques/advice always come from other writers/readers I do think. Thank you!

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