driving the wrong direction (away from you)

it’s so hard driving with tears in your eyes
after-images mist the rearview mirror
already too far down the road to see
that small brick shack,     our cohabitation
your sons stunned and gaping,     the dog wilted
with that instinctive knowing dogs possess . . .
halfway to Louisville     I nearly lost my
nerve,      longing to return despite it all.

separation is seldom an easy thing,
yet ours remains this side of tragedy
parting by necessity sans malice
optimistic fortune’s winds soon will shift
to bring us again together — meanwhile,
it’s hard driving with my eyes full of tears. . .

David M Pitchford


3 thoughts on “driving the wrong direction (away from you)

    • and I you
      I’ll soon grow used to my new work schedule (actually working for a paycheck – yay! – and then get back to writing more poems)
      drive down anytime to see me 😉 *as long as anytime means afternoon, as I’m a 2nd-shifter*

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