between craig and janice

craig and janice are at it again.     we
saw him down at Rooster’s last night with some
college girl half his age.     brunette and wild
the way he likes them despite avowals
of his penchant for hot blondes.     craig comes in
with his girls for the same reason most guys
come in here to drink   —   to escape something
at home they have no other way to cope   .  .  .

janice on the other hand,   I have it
on a text from her friend sandi,   finds her
solace in spa days and under the hands
of kyle,   her gay masseur.          they will return
to each others’ arms in time,   somehow learn
to forgive again,   and later their friends
will gossip over what lies between them.

David M Pitchford
3 September 2012


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