Her Monday Advice

you’re a putz,   you know that?   she tells him crossly. 
pining over the-one-that-got-away! 
what,   you were trawling and she was clumsy 
enough to catch herself up in your net? 
she’s a woman who made a choice,   dimwit! 
take your lumps and go on your way,   romeo; 
loves are won,   love is lost,   love comes and goes 
like tides and seasons   —   tough it out,  another 
one is right behind this one.          forget that 
one-in-a-million bullshit,   boy,   because 
every one is unique   —   you know,   one in all, 
sole particular in infinity. 
just like you and everyone else.          open 
your eyes,   breathe deep,   step up,   go on living.


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