Craig’s Advice

‘the trick’      he claims,   cigarette dangling dry
on chapped lips     ‘is to pick the winning horse
and bet it to show; gives you about three
times the percentage, but gains piss-pale next
to what the win would bring.’    craig spills his drink
as the six in race five bolts past his three
horse for the win.     ‘and never let a pretty
name pull you off your game.’     he tears tickets
to punctuate,   and signals for another
martini.     ‘sometimes’     he mumbles     ‘one good
jockey can make a difference,     one lucky
dime catch a superfecta,     or some blurted
tip lead to a winning day  . . .  but most times,
friend,   it’s just another day at the races.’

David M Pitchford
6 Feb 2014


3 thoughts on “Craig’s Advice

  1. I’m doing pretty well. Writing again after a dry-spell of my own. Count me as a fan. I missed seeing new poems from you and am glad the blog is active again.

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