Requiem for a Year

Some say it was a year of sorrow

Year of woe

Election of a disputed unfavorable

Celebrities formative of three generations  passing

Wars and rumors and no news here

Just like poetry, truth died in that year

That abominable  year

Not even yet gone and still, like a sepsis patient  too heroic

Resilient in its stubbornness to go

Gentle or otherwise

Into that goodnight.

Oh year of hate, and worse, year of hate justified,

Won’t you go now and let us peacemakers

Sweep up the bloodstained confetti

Coo to the future our hopes

And rest somewhat at ease

Before again the cold war becomes real

And we learn again to dream in mushroom terror

Pore over Quatrains  and Nostradamus  and Patmos

As though fables might lead us from purgatory

In the face of secular insanity and this self-flagelating  republic

Let your infamy die with you

Your promises shattered, forgotten, among the broken beer bottles






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